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Hello, I want to ask you, my friends, something important.

Honestly, I need some money
So if I'm opening commission for hero torture, would anyone wants it?
If so, what is the price range you desire? And also, how would you want to pay me with?

The heroes would only be Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Riders, and other tokusatsu heroes.

Torture methods can be from mind control, brainwashing, vore by monster, etc
The more detailed, the more I can give what you want in the artwork

Your response is kindly appreciated, thanks! :D
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The Three Divas by anw-rev
The Three Divas
Ah, finally I have time (and spirit) to continue my artworks! :D
I changed my style into more Western one, like Mingjue Chen or Miranda Yeo

I give you The Three Divas, genderbend version of the most powerful Rangers in canon. Actually, they might be new girls picked to be new Red Rangers. It wouldn't matter, because all of them already trapped in alien pod. The rest of the team still struggling in vain to escape suffocating balls of latex. Not too mention the delicious coating which covered Megazords as gigantic trophies.

Anyone wants to make a story about how they came to be like now? Better fast, because the girls's mind are slowly dissolved away by slime. Don't worry, they'd still remember who they are as heroes, but they also remember how their powers are not match to the new alien overlords. The thick tentacle piercing Dino Charge Red's buckle is making sure of that by pumping disgusting mind-destroying goo directly to her bellybutton.

Power Rangers owned by Saban
Docile Juohger by anw-rev
Docile Juohger
The brave warriors of the animal warriors now turned into submissive pets by the unsolved puzzle!

The labyrinth was beyond their understanding, and soon they were split by the demonic place. The Dobutsu Sentai Juohger should be one powerful team, but the ever-shifting walls of the maze separated them from each other. JuohEagle was with Shark and Elephant, while Lion was with Tiger. Knowing it would be futile to try to pierce the wall, the team leader told them to just go ahead and find other way to regroup. Or even better option, find a way out.

But it was what the monster wanted in this trap.

Lion and Tiger arrived in a large chamber with walls adorned with puzzle patterns, much like their Cube Animals. Only this one seemed to be malicious in nature. They explored the room and shocked when the entrance was blocked by massive puzzle piece. They were trapped inside, along with the evil there.

The walls became alive. Soon the Sentai duo was forced to battle army of strange minions made of puzzle. Each time they struck down one, it exploded into million pieces and assembled into another minions. One by one able to hurt the heroes with sharp claws. Blood spilled from open wounds, and Lion and Tiger soon were on their knees.

The minions surrounded them, each other holding the Juohgers until they couldn't move or resist. Then the main monster appeared. A strange pirate admiral type assembled from larger enigma pieces. On his hands were two spheres which slowly glowed before abruptly flew onto the new prisoners. Lion and Tiger screamed in pain as the spheres opened into unbreakable metal collar on their neck. They couldn't breath, and they could feel the power within themselves dwindling.
As if the collars were sucking Dobutsu powers out.

Other puzzle pieces became new shackles which held the captive Sentais hands and feet together. Pain and denial of defeat turned into despair and... something else. The admiral knew this, and took advantage of it. A ball came down on them, opened itself with metallic tentacles. Two purposes for it: to brainwash the Juohger into permanent submission and covering them with fresh puzzle pieces.

"It's... impossible... Our powers...."
Tiger couldn't fight this feeling of desperation and inferiority. She was always powerless against these monsters, so it was now wonder she was enslaved. She was the mighty JuohTiger, but it was meaningless. She felt new arousal, and embraced it eventhough she knew it was wrong. Lion did too next to her. 

She was a pet, a small piece of the larger puzzle.
Lion too.
and her teammates which she will lure to this final place. She could her their screams inside the big rubic cube.

Super Sentai owned by Toei
Sorry for the obscure image, I'll get scanner soon :D
I checked the leaked images of the next Super Sentai team, Dobutsu Sentai .Juohger and suddenly go urge to bring pain to them. Three males and two female Sentai team is typical one.

Any idea what kind of torture should I give them? Best is related to their animal theme
I was thinking about making them circus animals, but maybe you have better ideas :D
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